About us

History of the studio can be traced far back to 2007. Ever since we have been developing various websites: from simple to very complicated ones. Most projects are based on CMFMODx; this is an excellent site management system, very easy to use, flexible, powerful and that very «lovely» that we do love, appreciate, maintain and expand it.

In general, our sites are made to order, but we still have several own projects. We try to do our best while making another site so that it could be better than all the previous experiences. We consider ourselves professionals and enjoy 100% trust of our clients proven by a possibility to bring any idea to life with no restrictions. This is the recipe of the very best sites and the only way to get enjoyment in work which we are truly fond of.

If you are either interested in information of any kind or would like to order a website development, or just want to have a look at our products, please feel free to contact our sales manager Maxim by means of skype, e-mail or feedback form.

By the way, our twitter account is another way to keep in touch.